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Hospital Express Discharge

Provide a simple, convenient and efficient experience for your customers

The Hospital Express Discharge Program is now available in Indonesia

Have You Ever Experienced the Following Issues?

Tougher competition between insurance providers

More complicated administrative tasks

Fewer effective innovations to offer

Technological advances have made us accustomed to a lifestyle of instant everything. Customers want something fast to make their life easier.
They also look for added value — especially with insurance, not only in premiums, but also how you can help provide a simple and efficient claim process. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the process of getting your patients back home is not only more complicated but also takes longer than ever. Your patient’s companion may also worry about time spent in a hospital environment when taking care of administrative needs for your patient’s return.

As a trusted insurance provider, you want to provide the best services possible for your customers, while controlling costs.

We have a solution for you!

Introducing the Hospital Express Discharge Program

The Hospital Express Discharge Program is a digital solution to speed up and simplify the patient discharge process.

With the Hospital Express Discharge Program, your customers can go home from the hospital in less than 1 hour.

Advantages of the Hospital Express Discharge Program

How to get your patient home with the conventional discharge process

Advantages of the Hospital Express Discharge Program

Your customer needs to fill in various administrative requirements for reimbursement
Your patient can go home in less than 1 hour requirements for reimbursement
They often have to deal with frustrating back-and-forth
Your patient is spared administrative back-and-forth
This administrative process usually takes 4-8 hours
Your patient benefits from a fully digital administration process


By becoming our partner, you’ll enjoy:

A consistent effectiveness & efficiency

We make complicated administrative processes easier so you can save time

An extensive hospital network

You’ll get the best solution, at a competitive cost, from a well-known hospital network in Indonesia

The best customer experience

You can provide a better customer experience through innovative programs and solutions

A convenient electronic membership card

A secure, online
client portal

Reports that can be tailored to your needs

World-class customer care for your members

Dedicated Account Managers for unbeatable service

The Hospital Express Discharge Program is available at the following hospital networks

Help your customers get home faster with our Hospital Express Discharge Program