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About Us

Our Story

Our company’s history began in 1997 when Healthcare Management Services was formed to service its first client, from the Indonesian Banking industry. Since then, our expertise has grown along with our client portfolio. We provide customer-centric solutions for general insurance and life insurance products for groups and individuals and we partner with Corporations, Banks and Insurance Companies.

Indonesia – and the world – has undergone profound change over the past two decades. The number of travelers has increased, and so have their healthcare needs. To ensure we continue offering the best care possible, we cemented our partnership with Global Excel, a leader in risk management for the global healthcare and travel insurance industries. This relationship provides us and our clients with access to an international network of highly qualified medical professionals at very competitive prices.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

At Global Excel, we’re aiming to transform and simplify access to quality healthcare.

In today’s competitive market, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, flexibility and passion are essential to moving an organization forward.

We strive to ensure each client experiences Global Excel’s values each day:

A Global Excel family member

Our Expertise​

At Global Excel, we’ve mastered the art of navigating Third-Party Administrations’ complex processes. Our expertise is founded upon comprehensive claims management, related medical expertise & assistance and cost containment services.

We firmly believe that sharing our knowledge of the local health care system is an essential part of the value we provide for our clients. In doing so, we are confident we can help empower them to make sound business decisions, and position them for success.

Our Clients

Global Excel is a privately-owned company, servicing a wide range of clients in the insurance industry.

Our clients are unique, so we realize the importance of developing authentic business relationships with them. Our goal is to better understand clients’ needs so we can help them increase efficiency and better serve their customers.

Our People

At Global Excel, employees have an average tenure of more than eight years, each of them bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the work they do.

The success and growth of our company are the result of the dedication and expertise of these talented individuals. It is because of their professionalism, insight and devotion that our company can offer our clients a complete range of services, and a consistently superior customer experience.