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What is Hospital Express Discharge?

The Hospital Express Discharge Program from Global Excel Indonesia allows patients to get discharged more quickly from the hospital. Find out more about this innovative program here.

Did you know that the average hospital discharge process can take up to 8 hours?

In today’s digital era, everyone is seeking greater convenience — including when leaving the hospital. A patient may still feel tired following treatment and will need further rest in order to properly recover.

Unfortunately, the patient discharge process is often very tiring, confusing, and frustrating, both for the patient and for their companion.

They will have to deal with a mountain of documents from both the hospital and the insurance company to complete the insurance claim process for their hospitalization.

This process will usually take hours, hindering the patient from going home to rest comfortably.

During the pandemic, the lengthy hospital discharge process can also make the patient and their companion anxious about remaining in the waiting area and interacting with various individuals.

That is why Global Excel Indonesia developed the Hospital Express Discharge Program. 

Hospital Express Discharge Program: Digital Solution for A Rapid Hospital Discharge

The Hospital Express Discharge Program is Global Excel Indonesia’s newest cutting-edge healthcare solution.

This digital solution is designed to speed up a patient’s hospital discharge process by streamlining the paperwork for both the hospital and the insurance company.

By becoming a member of the Hospital Express Discharge Program, insurers can offer their patients a complete discharge in an hour or less. All administrative needs are handled by the Global Excel team and approvals can be completed through a mobile device. 

In just 1 hour, the patient can be reunited with their loved ones and rest in the comfort of their own home.

We have partnered with renowned hospitals in Indonesia such as: Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah, Mitra Keluarga, Siloam, and many more. With the support of our digital solution, the patient discharge process is quick, effective, and seamless.

Global Excel Indonesia is a third-party administrator with over 20 years of experience in the Indonesian healthcare industry.

Global Excel provides risk management solutions, cost containment, claims management, and medical assistance services in more than 90 countries around the world.

Interested in the exclusive benefits and convenience that the Hospital Express Discharge Program can provide?

Download our program brochure and get in touch with your insurance provider now!