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How do you use the Hospital Express Discharge Program? – A comparison against standard processes

Global Excel Indonesia’s Hospital Express Discharge Program (HED) has been used by many of our users since its launch. After a year of patient satisfaction, we thought of sharing a comparison of HED against standard discharge processes, with comments from satisfied users.  

Many members mentioned they were surprised they had access to the Hospital Express Discharge Program. Asking your insurer if you have access to HED as part of your health insurance plan is a great way to get more details.

Once you have confirmed HED is available to you, make sure you keep your member benefits card with you or a digital version of it on your mobile device. The information on this member card is important for the hospital, clinic and for Global Excel Indonesia, and ensures a smooth, quick discharge procedure.

For your reference, here below is a comparison in terms of what happens when you get discharged through a normal, standard process vs. the HED process:

Standard Discharge Process Hospital Express Discharge
Doctor confirms discharge Doctor confirms discharge
Wait to collect all documents at hospital desk Documents sent and processed through our IZIKlaim online portal
Waiting time to process documents – 4 to 8 hours Less than 1 hour on average
Reconciliation of information, documents, coverage, and costs Global Excel Indonesia does the reconciliation
Excess cost is billed to patient Excess cost is billed to patient
Patient Still waiting Patient is home

If youhave been admitted for treatment in a hospital, once the doctor has discharged you or your family member, please notify hospital staff to process your discharge with HED. Global Excel Indonesia experts will provide support and follow-up with the hospital, while keeping you informed.

It’s simple and fast! No complicated processes, no paperwork to be filled out. Overall, many members stated that they saved a lot of time usually spent on getting documentation, having it processed and then waiting for confirmations from different parties. HED reduces the stress of waiting for an answer and accelerates the procedure via online processing, with a team of Global Excel Indonesia experts to reconcile information.

If you don’t have this solution, ask your insurer to contact Global Excel Indonesia and if you do, let us know how this solution has helped you and your family!