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A Member Journey: Using the Hospital Express Discharge Program (HED)

It’s a fact: average waiting times are 4 – 8 hours to discharge from a hospital. This long wait period make can be unnerving for many patients, who are eager to get home quickly. Aside from the long wait, patients must often go through a complicated administrative process full of paperwork, forms, and other information that must be provided to the hospital and their insurer.

Hospitals are not the most pleasant place, especially when they are overcrowded. They tend to be noisy and can become a source of infection. The whole experience can be quite stressful for patients and their families. Hospitals face increasing pressure to accelerate the patient discharge process, which is challenging under normal circumstances and even worse during pandemics. But with the help of a new digital solution, hospital staff can now discharge patients more quickly and efficiently.

Members and hospital staff deeply care about the quality of services they give and receive. Health professionals keep in mind the expectations of their patients from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave, and in many cases follow up with them for continued care services.

Global Excel Indonesia is proud to offer HED to healthcare professionals – this innovative solution is specifically designed to accelerate the hospital discharge process by providing a streamlined workflow that integrates into your existing processes. It also allows hospitals to automate their procedures and create a more personalized experience for their patients.

The results of HED? Simply a far more efficient, streamlined method of verifying insurance coverage, accommodations, and other patient-related data prior to discharge. Since its launch last year, we received an enormous amount of positive feedback.

Our HED program provides extra value that really makes a difference. Members save time and get a high level of service. This is an easy-to-use solution, so customers can get the most out of it without any hassle. We are confident that our program provides the best possible value for our customers and for healthcare professionals.

Here are some of the comments from our members that are using HED:

When my wife is hospitalized at the hospital, I am very satisfied using the Hospital Express Discharges service. I didn’t expect the process would be so quick. At first, the hospital explained about the service and that makes me interested to try this. It turned out that this service was very helpful for my wife’s discharge process. For sure, I will recommend HED service to my friends and family.

– Marcus, Husband of Patient

I used the Hospital Express Discharge service when I get discharged from the hospital. This service is very excellent because I don’t have to wait for a long time just for the administration process. The HED process is quick and safe. This program makes it very easy to get discharged. I will recommend this service to people around me.

– Katrin Cahya, Patient

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For more information on our Hospital Discharge Program, contact a Global Excel Indonesia team member.