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With over 20 years’ experience in the Indonesian healthcare, Global Excel Indonesia acts as a reliable partner for each of our clients – we deliver access to quality healthcare services while reducing healthcare costs.

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Global Excel in Indonesia is a third-party administrator (TPA) with over 2 decades of experience in the Indonesian healthcare market. As a Global Excel family member, we can support our clients with their growth needs.

Global Excel provides payers with a consultative approach to cost-effective, quality care programs through a single partnership.

Knowledge and understanding are key

The key to success is insightful, actionable analytics. Global Excel consults benchmarked claims data to accurately develop medical strategies that harmonize patients’ and providers’ fundamental needs.

Our Solutions

We understand that each client is unique, as are their needs.

One common thread ties them all together: high expectations. Our job is to exceed those expectations.

Hospital Express Discharge Program

Waiting 4 – 8 hours to be discharged from the hospital can be frustrating. Get your members back home quickly and safely. with Global Excel’s cutting-edge program: reduce wait times, skip complex forms and avoid endless back-and-forth.
Quick. Easy. Seamless.

International Assistance

As a family member of Global Excel, we offer expatriates, students and leisure & corporate travelers access to quality medical care, professional case management and effective cost control worldwide.

Leading Healthcare Forward

Joining the Global Excel family ensures we have the resources to satisfy our clients’ – and their members’ – growing needs in an increasingly global marketplace.

Third-Party Administrator Services

As a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and, as a Global Excel family member, we can support our clients with their growth needs.

Primary Network Access

Access our network of certified healthcare facilities, ensure your members get access to preferred providers and optimal out of network solutions while enjoying effective cost containment.

What Drives Us

We know our success depends on consistently offering superior products and excellent service to our cherished customers. We define ourselves by proving our value every single day.

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